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Krti Consulting provide advanced business research services.

Krti Consulting assists companies in their decision making by providing timely market and strategic information.

We care for our clients' business as our business. We think and act like business partners, not academic advisors.

Grow your Business‎ in India

Why Invest In India?

   $ 100 billion ecommerce market by 2020
   $ 1 trillion saving by 2025
   $ 3.6. trillion consumer market by 2020
   $ 475 billion travel & tourism market
   $ 240 billion worth of aircraft to be bought by 2034
   $ 34 billion entertainment market by 2018
   $ 60 billion to be invested in the ports sector
   180,000 additional hotel rooms needed by 2030
   15 million tourists in 2020
   200 million DTH subscribers by 2018
   Largest aviation market by 2030. Over a million passengers flying in day by 2020
   15 billion railway passengers per year by 2020
   3rd largest economy by PPP
   2nd largest railway network
   1/4th of the world’s skilled workforce
   8th largest service exporter
   2nd largest pool of scientists, engineers & English speaking professionals by 2025
   One of the world’s youngest population with 50% under 25 years
   29 Deming prize winners in the past 51 years

Why Now?

   1st among the world’s fastest growing economies in both 2016 & 2017
   1st among 100 countries on the growth, innovation and leadership index.
   1st among the world’s most attractive investment destinations
   1st choice for tech MNCs to set up R&D centres outside their homes countries.
   1st among 110 investment destinations olled globally.
   Jumped 12 places on the ease of doing business 2016 list
   Moved up 16 places on the global competitiveness index 2015-2016
   Largest and fastest growing government initiative with over 2.1 billion global social media impressions.
   7th most valued nation brand in the world.

Our Relationship

   State Agencies
   Regulatory Bodies
   Educational Institutions
   Professional Advisors
   Industry Associations

Once the entity is set-up in India:

We provide complete, online back office operations. From recruitment of personnel, to general office maintenance, to pay roll and other legal & statutory formalities.

Bank account opening

Assistance and signatory services for opening and operating Bank account in India with all major international banks are also provided. Tell us the preference of Bank you want to have bank account with and we will get back to you with complete information.

The Advantages

Our service list allows you to pick and choose to specifically match your needs. Our outsourcing capability allows you to achieve India fiscal compliance cost-effectively. We look after the peripheral issues leaving your company time to concentrate on what’s really important: succeeding in the India.