An international consulting firm, focused on helping growing firms accelerate their international sales and business development objectives.

Krti Consulting provide advanced business research services.

Krti Consulting assists companies in their decision making by providing timely market and strategic information.

We care for our clients' business as our business. We think and act like business partners, not academic advisors.

Why Krti

  We provide near real-time intelligence and strategic insights to make confident business decisions

  We maintain continuous networking with customers, suppliers and competitors – thus providing you with complete visibility of the entire value chain for your market

  We apply proven interviewing and data collection techniques

  We create vital yet hard-to-find insights through detailed primary and secondary research and analysis,

  We offer unmatched data accuracy and integrity

  We have off-the-shelf comprehensive turnkey market intelligence reports related to growth opportunities for multiple industries - Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Consumer Goods, Energy, Healthcare and Others Each report delivers insight across a wide range of crucial factors - such as market size, segmentation, growth drivers, challenges, trends, forecasts and more. You can have these timely and insightful reports at your fingertips quickly and efficiently.

  We provide significant savings in time and costs because we have no learning curve in the various industries we serve. We are an un-biased source of industry facts, information and insights.